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Who is Ilana Gerschlowitz?

  • Leading expert in early childhood development and learning challenges.
  • Mother of three boys
  • Ilana is passionate about helping other parents whose children had to repeat a grade or move to a remedial school.
  • She has made access to specialised tutoring available to help children overcome barriers to learning.
  • She coaches parents internationally and provides valuable information on how to help children with behavioural challenges.
  • Author of Saving My Sons – A Journey with autism
  • Founding Director of the Star Academy –
  • Founding Director of Catch Up Kids –
  • 2015 CEO Global award winner for Africa’s most influential woman in Business and Government in Education and Training Private Sector for Region, Country and Continent.
  • 2018 Finalist the Europcar Jewish Woman in Leadership Award

“This is BRILLIANT! Thank you for your openness and for being the HAPPY in my sad heart.”

– Linda, Cape Town

“You guys
are heaven sent !”

– Sibongile, Johannesburg

“Thank you and to all your amazing staff for helping my daughter and giving her this opportunity.”

– Ari, Johannesburg

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